Schema Grid

Schema Grid is a web app for the HubSpot ecosystem and provides functionality to view all the objects at one place with their list of properties and shows the relationship between them. Schema Grid connects to the user’s HubSpot account and retrieves all the Object Schema from the account. It displays on a Grid along with the relationship between objects and saves the image of schema in the form of Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).


Schema Grid app provides the functionality to view the relation between objects and the details of each object.

Custom Object list:

A list of all the objects will be displayed in the left panel of the Schema Grid app. Custom objects are at the top of the list, and the rest are standard objects of the HubSpot account image. Box number 2 contains the list of custom objects.

Standard Object List

The list of custom objects is followed by a list that contains standard objects of every HubSpot portal, which is initially common for all portals but provides room for modification at a later stage for instance adding some custom properties, etc.

Object Search Bar

In the left panel on the top of the object list, there is a search bar that can be used to search any object from a list with its name.

Select All Button

In the left panel on the top of the object list and search bar, there are two buttons i.e. Select All and Deselect All.

Zoom level manipulations

On the bottom right corner, there is a set of three floating buttons.

Navigation Window

On the top right corner, there is a light blue transparent floating box which is a navigation window. It is a live map of the entire Grid to navigate those objects which are not in viewport or field of view of the user.

Image Download

After displaying some objects on the grid, users can download an image of the grid in the form of an Entity Relationship Diagram.

Display relationship

Schema Grid displays the relationship between the selected objects.



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